Recycling Centres

There are four main recycling centres and more than 150 recycling banks across the county.

You can take the following items to our *main recycling centres: 

Glass, cans, paper, textiles, books, shoes, cardboard, plastic, scrap metal, green waste, juice cartons, cooking & engine oil, car batteries, household batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges, fridges, electrical items, wood, bikes, furniture, polystyrene, rags & household textiles, CDs & DVDs, paint, fluorescent tubes, asbestos, low energy light bulbs, gas bottles, plasterboard, rubble, carpet, mattresses, tyres. 

(*Except Wernddu which doesn't allow gas bottles or tyres)

If you have missed your blue bag collection, you can also take your blue bags to any one of our recycling centres. 

Find a bottle / recycling bank