Recycling centre permits

Page updated on: 13/01/2020

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Visits to the recycling centre are by appointment only to dispose of any household waste. You can make a visit once a day - the slot must be made by 2.30pm the day before the required appointment.

Before booking an appointment consider if you could use our regular recycling / bin collections, bulky waste or garden waste service

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Our recycling centres are for the use of Carmarthenshire residents to dispose of household waste only. We've introduced a free permit system to ensure that businesses are not using the recycling centres illegally to dispose of commercial waste.

The following vehicles will need to apply for a permit to use any of our recycling centres:

  • Van - 3.5 tonnes or under
  • Single cab pickup
  • Double cab pickup with a trailer 

Double cab pickups do not require a permit unless they are towing a trailer. If you drive a vehicle that has been adapted for disability use that would usually require a permit you can apply for an exemption.

If you’ve hired a van you will be allowed to use the facilities without a permit to dispose of your household waste. You will need to provide a copy of the rental agreement and proof of residency when you arrive at the recycling centre. The hire agreement must be for 3 days or less.

The following vehicles cannot use the recycling centre:

  • Horseboxes or agricultural vehicles
  • Any vehicles over 3.5 tonnes
  • Vehicles with a flatbed and/or tipper

If you’re unsure if your vehicles can use the recycling centre, download our vehicle guide for more information.

You can apply for a permit online, you will need the following information to complete your application for a permit:

  • Your details – name, address, contact details
  • Make, model and vehicle registration number
  • Copy/scan of all pages of your V5C vehicle log book
  • Proof of address – Council tax bill, recent utility bill (less than 3 months old, driving licence
  • If you're using a company vehicle – company headed letter signed by your employer stating the vehicle is for personal use

Once we’ve received your application, it will be reviewed by a member of the recycling team. If your application is approved, you will receive your permits within 10 working days. We do not charge for recycling centre permits.

Apply for a permit

You will be given 12 single use permits. When you visit the recycling centre, a member of staff will ask for a permit before you can use the facilities.

Your permits start from the month that you receive them, and you cannot visit more than 12 times during any 12-month period.

If you use all of your permits you cannot request more until 12 months after the date of issue of your previous permits.

There is no expiry date for using your permits, but if you haven't used them all within 18 months we will contact you to check that you still need them. 

Don’t forget, you can always use the recycling centre with any vehicle that does not require a permit e.g. car, 4x4, SUV, people carrier etc.

You cannot bring any trailer to the recycling centre with a bed longer than 2.44 metres (approximately 8ft).

  • Vans with a load space less than 1.75m in length can bring a trailer.
  • Vans with a load space greater than 1.75m in length cannot bring a trailer.

If you’re unsure of the load space of your van, you can look this up online. Search for load space and the make and model of your vehicle. There are a number of websites that provide this information.

If you will be using a trailer with your double cab pickup, don't forget you need to apply for a permit.

If your permit has been lost or stolen, complete our online form. Once we have verified your information we will reissue the number of permits that you had remaining. Remember if you have already used all 12 of your permit tickets you will not be able to renew until 12 months from the original date of issue.

Report a lost/stolen permit