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Eco schools

Eco schoolsThe Eco-Schools programme is an international initiative which enables sustainable development to be a major part of the life and ethos of schools. We work in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy and the National Botanic Garden of Wales to deliver it in the county.

Designed to fit into the curriculum, it’s an award scheme that gets everyone in the school community involved in making the school environment better and encouraging pupils to be good citizens for the future. Pupils study topics including waste, litter, energy, water, transport, healthy living and global citizenship.

All 119 schools in Carmarthenshire are now registered on the Eco-Schools programme, and to date 79 schools in Carmarthenshire have achieved the Green Flag.

For further information on the Eco-Schools programme visit the Keep Wales Tidy website.

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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