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Work & new skills

If you have a learning or physical disability there may be opportunities for training that you can access to help you learn new skills for employment and also to take part in community activities.

Opportunities Team

The Opportunities Teams’ role is to develop, co-ordinate and assist in providing training, volunteering and work related opportunities for individuals with disabilities and socially excluded groups. Also establishing pathways to objectives, including 16+ work hours through projects such as Work Choice or community provision.

Download more information on the Opportunities Team (.pdf)

Work Choice

People living with a disability and long term health issues can often face complex barriers to finding and retaining work. Work Choice can provide advice and support to both the employee/potential employee and employer to make employment a success.

Alternatively Job Centre Plus advisors and other specialist organisations can make referrals to Work Choice. Please note that Work Choice can be accessed without a Social Care assessment. To receive any of the other support services you must first have a discussion of your needs with one of our Community Teams who will identify your strengths and difficulties, so that tailored support services can be arranged.

Tel: 01267 224858 | E-mail: workstep@carmarthenshire.gov.uk


The centre provides help and support for working-age adults who have some form of disability to lead independent lives. It provides social, networking and peer support and has training facilities such as IT, catering and woodwork. Coleshill is a centre for economic inclusion.

Crefft Pren

Crefft Pren offer training opportunities for those seeking new skills and work experience. The facility offers training and work experience for individuals that experience barriers to employment.

As part of our Mental Health & Learning Disabilities service participants receive qualifications in woodwork and health & safety.
Tel: 01269 845685 | Download more information on Crefft Pren (.pdf)

Crefft Fach

Crefft Fach is part of our Mental Health & Learning Disability service. Individuals receive training and work experience in making a variety of arts and crafts. Located at Coleshill Centre, Llanelli and Cam Cyntaf, Carmarthen.
Tel: 01554 744251 | 01267 223719 | Download more information on Crefft Fach (.pdf)

Gwyn i Wyrdd

Gwyn i Wyrdd is part of the Social Care, Health & Housing Department of Carmarthenshire County Council. The project is part of a training facility for adults with disabilities and individuals that are economically inactive seeking work experience and training.

Gwyn i Wyrdd Domestic Appliance Reuse Centre Cross Hands Carmarthenshire is a project to minimize the amount of WEEE (Electrical Waste) generated in Carmarthenshire and to promote the recycling, repair and reuse of electrical goods in particular white goods.

Grounds Maintenance Team

The Grounds Maintenance Team (GMT) is a grounds and garden maintenance team that works in Carmarthenshire. The team primarily delivers training to individuals that are economically inactive and who wish to develop their skills in horticulture, gardening and grounds maintenance. Those participating in the training programme will be skilled to a National Proficiency Test Council (NPTC) qualification in Horticulture.

Tel: 01554 744251 | Download the Grounds Maintenance Team Brochure (.pdf)

Page updated on: 06/06/2017

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