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Where should I put my bin?

Where -binA sunny spot is best, though it will work in shade but may take a bit longer.  Ideally the bin should be on soil to enable insects and bugs to get access. 

Putting it on gravel will also work but if you have a plastic membrane underneath, you may want to remove a section under the bin so that the bugs can get in. 

Remember you will be filling the bin with waste from the kitchen as well as the garden so put the bin somewhere you can get to easily.

It can work on concrete, as long as you add in some soil or some compost donated from someone else’s bin, to get the mixture going.

Worms will also find their way in especially if you have a layer of moist scrunched up cardboard. If you are putting it on a concrete surface, beware as liquid will seep from the bin and can stain the area it sits on.

Page updated on: 03/05/2016

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