Emergency Planning

Page updated on: 14/03/2019

Emergencies happen. In the last few years, Wales has experienced severe winter weather, flooding, travel disruption, fuel shortages, animal diseases, and a pandemic flu outbreak. Challenges like these affect us all in going about our daily lives, and every community has a different reason for wanting to plan to get through them.

The good news is that how communities organise themselves to prepare for emergencies can make a big difference. How communities get through emergencies shows how 'resilient' they are - this means how well they can use their strengths to prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies

Communities that are resilient:

  • are aware of risks that may affect them and how vulnerable they are to them
  • use their existing skills, knowledge and resources to prepare for, and deal with, the consequences of emergencies
  • work together to complement the work of the local emergency responders before, during and after an emergency

This isn't about doing the job of the emergency services. It's about supporting your community and those in it by making sensible preparations and using the skills and knowledge that the community has.