Personal searches of the Local Land Charges register

Page updated on: 25/03/2024

You can now search our local land charges register yourself, free of charge. Alternatively, we can carry out this search for you (LLC1) at a cost of £6 and will provide you with a certificate of the result.

Please note, the information contained in the register is often historical in nature, and is currently only available in English.

Our system is not updated in real time. We therefore require 48 hours notice to ensure that the information on the register is up to date when you are carrying out your search.  You can notify us of your search by sending an e-mail to

Please note that the Authority applies Rule 7 of the Local Land Charges Rules 1977 which means that all conditional planning consents registered on or after the 1st August 1977 [deemed to be local land charges] can be found in the statutory Planning Register.  Any conditional planning consent information that would historically have been found in the Local Land Charges Register is to be accessed via the Planning Register.  It is important that you access this information to complete your personal search.

If you wish to check planning applications, search the online planning register from 1996 onwards, or use the online map search for applications received since 2007. Please note that the address captured in the database for new properties or developments will be different to what they are now known by once built (eg: land at or plot adjacent to), and also a house name may have changed.

Any personal searchers are advised to contact or if the property falls within Brecon Beacons National Park then you should contact or call 01874 624437 for further instructions if searches need to go back further than these dates.