Welsh Language

In April 2016, our Welsh Language Standards came in to force.  The Standards are a set of 174 instructions from the Welsh Language Commissioner under the Welsh Language Measure (Wales) 2011. The Standards replace the Welsh Language Scheme and they provide us with a new framework to direct how we:

  1. deliver services in Welsh,
  2. make policy in a way that promotes the Welsh language,
  3. operate through the medium of Welsh,
  4. promote the Welsh Language,
  5. keep records about the Welsh Language.

The Standards' main principle is that we will not treat the Welsh language less favourably than the English language when delivering services and operating from day to day. It is required that the Council prepares an Annual Report to provide detail on the implementation of the Welsh Language Standards to confirm compliance and to report on performance.

Aiming to make the Welsh language the county’s main language…

We have a new Strategy for promoting the Welsh Language in the county, which has been developed jointly by several organisations working for the Welsh language in Carmarthenshire. The strategy sets out what needs to be done in the county to restore the language by increasing the numbers who can speak Welsh, by increasing the situations in which people can and choose to use Welsh, by raising the status of the language, by supporting communities to maintain the language and by having a positive impact on population movements. There will be an action plan to accompany this Strategy which will identify actions and provide a timetable for implementation.

Download the Strategy for promoting Welsh Language

Welsh Language Complaints

If you would like to make a complaint relating to the council’s compliance with the Welsh Language Standards or a failure on the council’s part to provide a bilingual service, please use the council's complaints procedure on the Complaints and Compliments page. A link to the 'Customer Complaints and Compliments Procedure' document can be viewed on the same page.

You also have a right to direct any complaints relating to the Welsh language to the Welsh Language Commissioner.

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