Local Land Charges

Local Land Charges searches are an important part of the property conveyancing process. The results of local searches will inform potential purchasers about essential information that a local authority might hold about a property.

The LLC1 search informs purchasers of restrictions or ‘charges’ affecting the property, such as tree preservation orders, enforcement notices, planning permissions and financial charges.

The CON29 and CON29O enquiry forms provide information on matters such as local plans, highways, building works and public rights of way.

When submitting searches please:

  • ensure that a good quality, up to date Ordnance Survey location plan (scale 1/2500) is submitted with the boundary of the property duly edged in red (and includes an O.S. licence number and acknowledgement).
  • note that information on additional side, back or abutting roads will only be answered if they are specified by name in Box 'C' or are referred to and highlighted on the submitted location plan.
  • note that we do not reply to Part 2 Optional Enquiry 4. Information relating to this can be found on the Planning Register.


Type of search Fee including VAT
Standard Search (LLC1 and Con29R) £130.80
LLC1 only £6.00
Con29R only £124.80
Enquiries 5 - 21 £12.00 each
Enquiry  22 £24.00

Requesting documents

If you require a copy of a document revealed in the LLC1 search please contact the Local Land Charges Unit attaching a copy of the relevant Schedule from the LLC1 reply. We will provide you with a copy or will direct you to the relevant Department.

The Local Land Charges Unit does not hold information on responses given to Con29 and Con290 enquiries. Therefore, to save unnecessary delay please contact those Departments if you require further assistance. A charge may be levied for administration or photocopying costs.

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