The Council Budget

Before the budget can be set, we need to determine:

  • how much we need to spend to maintain services to an acceptable level
  • any additional spending pressures such as price increases, pay awards and service developments
  • the level of savings we can achieve
  • how much we will receive from Welsh Government

The Budget Strategy is prepared for consideration and examination by Members and we also consult with the public and other interested parties. The budget is set by Cabinet in February and formally approved at County Council in March.


Statement of accounts

The Statement of Accounts is the statutory summary of the council's financial affairs for the financial year and is prepared in accordance with the local government Accounting Code of Practice (ACOP).

The purpose of the Statement of Accounts is to give electors, local taxpayers, council members and any other interested parties clear information on the overall finances of the council and to demonstrate the city council's stewardship of public money for the year.

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