Why we consulted

Following the Welsh Government’s below-inflation funding settlement of 3.3%, announced on December 20, Carmarthenshire County Council needs to bridge a shortfall of over £22million in its 2024/25 budget.

Welsh Government acknowledge that they faced the “most stark and painful budget choices for Wales in the devolution era” as they prepared their draft budget, which includes the all-important Revenue Support Grant (RSG) allocated to local authorities. The 3.3% rise in the RSG, which makes up around three-quarters of our funding, falls well short of the contribution needed by the Council to maintain services as they are presently. Most of the remaining income, amounting to about a quarter of the total annual revenue budget, comes from the Council Tax, which raises over £100million a year.

Very difficult decisions lie ahead of Carmarthenshire County Council, and we are now inviting residents, businesses, community and voluntary organisations to have their say on a range of new policy saving proposals, that are drawn from across all services of the Council.

A total of 11 budget proposals are presented for your consideration. These will be considered alongside more than 100 detailed managerial proposals, such as procurement arrangements, staffing structures and internal and back-office functions.