Why we consulted

Last year 2,195 of you completed our residents survey providing us with first-hand feedback on what matters most to you and your families. That feedback resulted in the development of 10 proposals for consideration and fed into the development of the Corporate Strategy which will guide the way that we work as a Council for the next five years.

Building on the feedback gathered last year we collected residents and service user views again. We wanted to understand how you feel about our performance and to ensure that our future planning and priority setting aligns with what is needed. These important findings will be shared at every level of the organisation to shape our decision making at what is a challenging time.

Consultation Outcome

Survey responses will be analysed by area (where possible) which will provide an idea of the issues facing our residents at as local a level as possible. Findings will be summarised in a report.

The report will be shared at every level of the organisation and considered by Cabinet to ensure that the views of residents and service users are considered in decision making and future planning.