Why we consulted

In an era driven by technological innovation, it's essential for local government to adapt and embrace digital transformation.

We are currently developing a new Digital Strategy, due to be launched on the 1st of April 2024 and running until the 31st of March 2027.

The purpose of this strategy is to set out the vision for how residents, businesses, elected members, staff, partners, and visitors continue to benefit from the ongoing adoption of emerging technology and transformation of services across our county.

Together, using digital, data and technology, we can continue to deliver public services that are fit for purpose and responsive to the needs of our County. Your voice matters, and your ideas can make a difference.

This public consultation aims to gather vital insights from you as our customer. Your feedback will allow us to design a robust digital strategy that will empower Carmarthenshire to better serve our residents and businesses while streamlining our operations to deliver more effective and efficient services.

By taking part in this consultation, your participation and insights will play a vital role in shaping a forward-thinking, people-focussed digital strategy that will unlock new possibilities and efficiencies to benefit you as our customers and the wide-range of digital services we can offer.


Consultation Outcome

The information collated will be analysed by the Digital Services Senior Management with a view to help shape/define and incorporate as much feedback into the formulation of our strategy; help define our aims/objectives, areas of focus, potential projects/areas we may priorities. This consultation data will give us further insight into our residents and businesses digital activity and challenges / barriers etc.

The Digital Strategy for Carmarthenshire 2024-2027 is due to be completed by January 2024, then go through the Corporate and Member approval process for our Strategy during January-March 2024 for approval. Once approved, the Strategy will be in effect from 1st April 2024 for 3 years. We will aim to quickly publish via our Council Website bilingually and promote via our Social Media Channels.

Annual Reports will also be presented to our Corporate Management Team and Members which we will look to incorporate further customer feedback to ensure we are engaging with the public and businesses throughout the delivery of this new strategy.