Why we consulted

Under the Habitats Regulations, the Council is required to assess whether the revised Local Development Plan 2018–2023 is likely to have a significant effect on the integrity of any European Site. This mandatory process is known as a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA), and it is undertaken throughout the preparation of the rLDP.

This consultation is for the Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA).

We are not accepting comments on the contents on the revised Local Development Plan itself. Any comments received on the revised Local Development Plan will not be considered.

This latest consultation newly features the HRA 2nd Addendum (February 2024) which ensures procedural compliance in line with the relevant legislation. The entirety of the HRA process can be found on our website.

It is comprised of:

  • HRA Screening Report (December 2018)
  • HRA Report (January 2020)
  • HRA Addendum (February 2023)
  • HRA 2nd Addendum (February 2024)

How we consulted

Via online survey