There is a small amount of funding available for broken heating systems through ECO4. Carmarthenshire County Council have nominated Warm Wales to handle all applications for ECO4 within the county.

To see if you’re eligible for funding then please contact Warm Wales:

Warm Wales website



Phone: 01656 747622

Llewellyn House,
Harbourside Business Park,
Port Talbot
SA13 1SB

Please note that Carmarthenshire County Council’s role in the scheme is to confirm that a household is eligible for ECO4 funding. Carmarthenshire County Council take no responsibility for the quality of the works, as the agreement is purely between the household and the installer. 


To qualify for ECO4 it is normal practice that you will be asked to provide personal information and proof of identity. Copies of these documents will need to be taken to support your application. 

Whoever calls you in relation to an ECO4 application should not ask you for any money or payment whatsoever. At the first point of contact the canvasser must leave you a paper copy with their contact details and the contact details of who they are working on behalf of. 

ECO4 Flex is a whole house approach where you would need to have multiple measures e.g. insulation and heating installed to be eligible for assistance. From May 2023 ECO4+ should be available to assist those residents who only want single measures e.g. loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, heating controls etc. installed.


If you are an ECO4 agent and you wish to participate in the ECO4 scheme in Carmarthenshire, then please email for more details.

Please be aware that prior to considering any applications, you will need to provide a letter from a utility company showing that you can access ECO4 funding thus confirming you are acting directly on behalf of the energy supplier and you have authorisation to install ECO Flex measure(s) on their behalf. If you are an installer & wish to participate in the scheme then you would need to contact any of the ECO agents as listed on the Warm Wales website under the Carmarthenshire section.