Black bags

Page updated on: 15/12/2020

General household rubbish – that is, rubbish that cannot be recycled or composted is collected in black bags. This includes small amounts of hygiene waste such as incontinence pads and disposable bed pans; however, if you use a lot you may need an extra hygiene collection.

Remember you are allowed to put out a maximum of three black bags every fortnight, so it is more important than ever to recycle. If you are recycling everything you can but are still finding it difficult to keep to the black bag limit, you may be eligible to increase your black bag allowance. Complete our online form to apply for an increase to the black bag limit.

To ensure your bags are collected:

  • Use standard size black bags.
  • Make sure they are not too heavy - if you have ash waste please contact us.
  • If you have dog mess to dispose of make sure it is double bagged and mixed in with other types of waste
  • Do not put your bags in wheelie bins. They will not be collected for health and safety reasons. We collect from ordinary dustbins, as long as the waste is bagged.  
  • Do not put garden waste in black bags.
  • Do not put clinical waste in black bags. Clinical waste must be collected by Hywel Dda University Health Board. If you require a collection of this type of waste from your home please visit their website or call 01269 845554. Clinical waste must never be placed in household waste bags.