Recycling Centres

Page updated on: 06/06/2024

Appointments are no longer required for any of our recycling centres.

Before entering, you will need to have the following with you to show to the site attendant:

We recommend that you sort your waste into recyclable and non-recyclable materials before coming to the recycling centre. Many household items can be recycled, either in your blue bag or your food waste bin. Other items such as glass, clothes and small electrical items can be recycled at the recycling centre or smaller recycling banks.

Have a look at the A-Z of Recycling to find out what can be recycled.

If you bring black bags to the recycling centre, you will have to sort them at one of our designated sorting stations. You will be provided with gloves, aprons, tongs and antibacterial spray and there will be labelled bins for you to put your recyclable materials in. There will be signs at the sorting stations explaining what you need to do, but if you are unsure, staff will be on hand to advise.

You can now reduce waste and give your items a second life, by donating them for reuse at our recycling centres. Paint, wood, garden equipment, bikes, electricals, furniture, toys, and other household items, are accepted at our donation stations on site. Items donated will be sold in our reuse shops.