Bottle / recycling banks

Page updated on: 06/05/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

All can and paper banks at our community recycling centres will be swapped to additional glass bins starting from today (Monday, April 20).

It was the council's intention this financial year to make the change as cans and paper can be recycled at kerbside in the blue recycling bags. However, the changes will now be starting from this week as there has been a marked increase in glass recycling and the demand for glass recycling facilities in villages and towns across the county as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic restrictions.

Priority will be given to those sites where waste and cleansing services are reporting a rise in fly tipped glass at the sites. Residents are being reminded to take their glass home if the bins are full as any glass left on the floor is fly tipping and you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice.

Please be mindful to follow government guidelines. Some supermarkets have bottle banks so if you are out essential food shopping use these, if not please keep all glass somewhere safe until the restrictions are lifted.

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We have over 150 smaller recycling points throughout the County where you can take glass, old clothes, cans, paper and small electrical items. Click on the icon to see what is accepted at your local recycling bank.

If you know of a suitable location in your area for a recycling bank please call us on 01267 234567 with your suggestions, we will consider any sites proposed.