Refreshing Town Centre

Eligible works/costs

The building which is the subject of the application will be assessed to ensure that proposed works through the grant would improve the visual aesthetic of the building.

Eligible works will include works to the exterior and curtilage of commercial buildings. The applicant must ensure, using appropriate professional advice as necessary, that the proposed works are technically suitable, have structural integrity, and have secured all appropriate statutory consents and licenses where applicable.

Works to the upper floors are eligible providing that the ground floor is in commercial use. Examples of eligible expenditure are included below:

Examples of eligible expenditure include;

  • Decorating façade of building
  • Cleaning of guttering
  • Replacement of damaged guttering / downpipes
  • Renewal of rendering
  • Window treatment / replacement

Ineligible works/costs

These include: -

  • Residential projects will not be eligible for this funding.
  • Any costs related to the project which have already been incurred in advance of approval.
  • Solicitor fees
  • Statutory fees including planning, change of use, listed building consent etc.
  • Works which do not have a contribution to the visual enhancement of the property.
  • Works that will not make a significant contribution to the general environmental enhancement of the area, for example works to elevations of a property not seen by the public.
  • Any works which have not been procured in line with the third-party procurement rules.