Refreshing Town Centre


The Refreshing Town Centre Property Fund is funded by UK Government Shared Prosperity Fund and Carmarthenshire County Council.

The funding will be made available to owners/leaseholders (minimum 7 years lease from the date of final payment i.e., 8 years should the project take 12 months to complete) and is focused external improvements to the facades of buildings to improve the visual landscape in the town centres. If the property is owned by Carmarthenshire County Council a minimum lease of seven years from the final payment date is required and correspondence must take place with CCC Property Department prior to the application process 

In the event of the application being submitted by the landlord who is intending to let out the premises, prior to submission of a full application a pre let/end tenant for commercial use will need to be in place.

All projects need to be completed by the 30th of September 2024.