Transforming Towns

10. Statutory Authority and Subsidy Control

This scheme is covered by the current UK Government Subsidy Control Act rolling  period of three fiscal years should not exceed £315,000 per business*. If you have received any other financial assistance in the past 3 financial years, please describe the support in the box below. It is the responsibility of the applicant to monitor the level of MFA received; you will be asked to declare that this has not been exceeded in the event of an offer being made. [* The MFA financial threshold applies at company group level.] 

All bids must also consider how they will deliver in line with subsidy control as per UK Government.

Where applicants do not adequately demonstrate that the proposed project is compliant under the UK Subsidy Control Regime it may be considered ineligible, and your application could be rejected. 

We will also assess the grant requested to determine whether or not it would be considered a subsidy, based on the value, the subsidy criteria, and the principles, as applicable. The detail of your project will need to be entered into the transparency database and open to challenge for a minimum of 30 days.