Transforming Towns

12. How to apply

  • 1

    Before we ask you to make a full application, you will need to submit an expression of interest which outlines your project proposal and costs.


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    Once we've received your EOI, we will check if your proposed project is eligible in principle to be supported through the Transforming Towns Programme.

    Your project will then be presented to the relevant town centre forum or task forces for endorsement.

    Finally, the regional board will review you application. We will let you know their final decision.

    The full review process can take up to 3 months, however we will keep you updated on progress by email.

  • 3

    If your EOI application is successful, we will ask you to complete a full application. 

    You will be required to employ a professional architect or similar agent to assist in the design and project management of the project. They will assist in producing quality designs and liaise with the Planning and Building Control sections to achieve the necessary statutory consents. These are vital to a successful project, if planning is required the grant can be approved in principle subject to planning approval.

    You can apply for funding towards the cost of professional fees associated with the architect/design team if procured in line with the procurement rules.

    You will need to provide the following information with your application:

    1. Recent photographs of the property;
    2. Notification of planning approval and approved plans/drawings;
    3. Drawings and schedules of internal and external work;
    4. Relevant statutory consents such as Building Control;
    5. Landlord's and mortgagee's consent if applicable;
    6. Compliance with the procurement process for works connected with the grant;
    7. A statement showing the professional fees or other fees which are to be incurred
    8. Confirmation that the full cost of the works can be paid prior to submitting the grant claim. This might be in the form of a letter from the bank;
    9. Financial information
      • Limited company - 3 years audited accounts;
      • Sole trader/partnership - a copy of the last 3 years self-assessment tax returns; and
      • New Business – evidence of sufficient funding for the total project cost e.g. bank statement/letter from bank and 3 years cash flow forecasts
    10. environmental policy and action plan.

    We are here to help, please email: if you'd like us to go through your application with you.

  • 4

    This is a discretionary grant, each application will be assessed by an Economic Development panel and given final approval by the Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Policy.  

    Your grant application will be assessed on the basis of its positive benefit to the local area including its environment, but the level of grant may be limited by the size and nature of the project or the company and/or its turnover. 

    Your application will be passed to an independent quantity surveyor to verify the costs.

    It will also be assessed to determine whether the grant requested would be considered a subsidy, based on the value, the subsidy criteria, and the principles, as applicable.

  • 5

    We will let you know the final outcome of your application following the panel review. If your application is successful and you are awarded funding, we will email your solicitor the terms and conditions of the grant. You must accept these terms within 28 days. 

  • 6

    When your project is approved, we will highlight when you need to start on site, and when the full project will need to be completed.

    All work must be undertaken in line with Statutory Obligations such as Planning, Building Control and the requirements of The Health and Safety Executive. A grant offer may be revoked if the work does not comply with the statutory legislation.

    You will be responsible for monitoring the progress of work. However, we will also attend site meetings and request updates and should be advised of any deviation from the agreed plan. If advice is not sought an approved grant may not be paid in respect of these items. Any changes to specifications of materials, building details or designs should be reported to us and where relevant the planning officer to ensure that changes are in line with planning requirements. Any changes to the cost or timescale of the project, or any change of contractor, should also be reported to us as soon as they are realised.

  • 7

    Grant payment will be made retrospectively following completion of works.

    To request payment of funds, you will need to provide the following information:

    • invoice / receipt of payment
    • valuation of works completed
    • bank statement showing the payments being made to the supplier or contractor
    • progress photos
    • bank details

    A final account, detailing all the work undertaken should be produced by your professional team. All invoices from the contractor and the professional fees must be presented to us. These should be accompanied by bank statements showing the payment of the invoices. All invoices must have been paid from the named bank account of the applicant.

    You can request interim payments as the project progresses, this will need to be noted within your full application and discussed with us as your project progresses.

  • 8

    We will formally monitor your business and ask for evidence in year 1, 3 and 5.

    If you are creating jobs as part of your project they must be created within 12 months of the final payment from the grant. In your application you will be asked when you anticipate these jobs will be created. We will also get in touch on these dates to see if you're on schedule.