Transforming Towns

5. What you cannot use the grant for

The grant cannot be used for:

  • interest on debt;
  • bank charges on accounts;
  • costs of guarantees provided by a bank or other financial institution;
  • charges for financial transactions, foreign exchange commissions and losses, and other purely financial expenses;
  • loan charges;
  • interest or service charges – arising on leases and hire purchase arrangements;
  • costs resulting from the deferral of payments to creditors;
  • costs involved in winding up a company;
  • bad debts arising from loans to employees, proprietors, partners, directors, guarantors or shareholders;
  • fines, financial penalties and expenses of litigation;
  • staff costs that are not directly attributable to project delivery;
  • training that is mandatory under statutory provision;
  • payment for gifts and donations;
  • entertainment costs;
  • repairs and maintenance unless directly related to project delivery;
  • stand-alone costs of works being carried out as a statutory requirement;
  • notional costs;
  • payments for activity of a direct political nature;
  • dividends for shareholders;
  • costs incurred by individuals in setting up and contributing towards private pension schemes, or the setting up of such schemes by organisations in receipt of structural funds;
  • payments for unfunded pensions; and
  • discount
  • general maintenance
  • ongoing maintenance costs
  • Solicitors fees
  • Planning fees
  • Any costs incurred before stage 1 approval to progress
  • Any costs not procured in line with third party procurement rules
  • Funding to support work that you have already started.

Projects that create vacant commercial space on completion will not be eligible for funding.