Transforming Towns

4. What you can use the grant for

If your EOI is approved and you are asked to submit a full application you can apply for funding to cover costs which include: 

Commercial property improvements 

External works to the building can include work deemed necessary for the structural integrity of the property. Items might include:  

  • Shopfronts; 
  • Bilingual signage; 
  • Windows & doors;
  • External lighting; 
  • Roofs and chimneys; 
  • Rainwater goods (guttering and down pipes); 
  • Rendering, stone cleaning and repairs, re-pointing; and  
  • Structural works. 

Internal works to the building can include all work, visible or structural, necessary to complete the project to Building Regulations. This might include: 

  • Windows & doors; 
  • Improved accessibility; 
  • Walls, ceilings, lighting; 
  • Energy efficiency measures when included as part of the overall scheme; 
  • Utilities and services, including heating; 
  • Welfare facilities (e.g. essential washroom and cleansing facilities only); and 
  • Structural work 

The main objective of this funding is to bring vacant commercial space back into business use. However, the elements noted below could be included as part of a wider project.  

Green infrastructure 

  • Green Walls 
  • Green Roofs 
  • Rain Gardens 
  • Pocket Parks 

This funding will not contribute to ongoing maintenance costs in future financial years.