Concessionary fares

Page updated on: 18/06/2019

If you live in Wales and are aged 60 or over or disabled you may be entitled to free travel within Wales.

If you live in Wales and are aged 60 or over or disabled you may be entitled to free travel within Wales.You must be a permanent resident of Carmarthenshire and must satisfy one of the criteria listed below, producing appropriate documentation for verification.

  • Women and men aged 60 and over.
  • Blind and partially sighted persons
  • Persons with impaired hearing
  • Persons without speech
  • Persons without arms or have long-term loss of the use of both arms
  • Persons with a learning disability
  • Persons with a disability or suffering from an injury, which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his or her ability to walk
  • Persons who would be refused a driving licence on health grounds
  • Persons receiving War Pensioner’s Mobility Supplement or Tariffs 1 - 8 of the War Veterans Compensation Scheme
  • Application forms are available for download, from Post Office branches and by request at the Hwb
  • The completed form must be presented at the Post Office counter along with proof of address, eligibility and one recent passport-approved colour photograph. An advisor will check your details, stamp the form and post it for you.
  • You can apply up to a month before your 60th birthday.

Download application form (.pdf)

If the application is approved the travel pass will be posted to you within 21 days of receipt by the Post Office.

If you are applying on disability grounds and do not meet the eligibility criteria on the application form you will need to make your application to us (using the same application form below) and complete an additional disabled eligibility assessment form.
To request the additional assessment form please contact 01267 234567 or email and ask for a Disabled Eligibility Assessment Form.
The information supplied will allow us to seek independent medical evidence to inform our decision.

If you qualify for a bus pass, but your injury, impairment or disability means that you cannot travel by bus (or on occasions you cannot travel) without needing someone else’s help or supervision, you may be entitled to receive a companion pass.

You may request one companion pass for when you require assistance to travel by contacting us on 01267 234567 or email

You may be eligible for a bus pass if you are able to demonstrate that the caravan site is
your principal residence and you can supply us with documentary evidence to support
Documents accepted include:

  • Council Tax bill
  • Evidence of rent payments
  • Current driving licence
  • Pension documents
  • Benefits documents
  • Utility bills e.g. water rates, gas or electricity bills
  • Benefit documents
  • Evidence of an exemption from responsibility for Council Tax payments
  • Confirmation that the applicant is on the Electoral Roll
  • Evidence that the applicant is a dependent of a person resident in Carmarthenshire
  • Evidence that the applicant is in our care or an approved agency and is resident in Carmarthenshire
  • Confirmation that the caravan site is licensed by the Carmarthenshire for Residential
    use (as determined by the planning consent for the site)

We are responsible for assessing your eligibility against the
categories listed in the Transport Act 2000.
Further guidance is also sought from the following legislation, including associated regulations and guidance:
• The Transport Act 1985 (as amended)
• The Transport Act 2000 (as amended)
• Regulation (EC) 1370 / 2007 on Public Passenger Transport Services by Rail and Road
• The Travel Concessions (Extension of Entitlement) (Wales) Order 2001
• The Mandatory Travel Concessions (Reimbursement Arrangements)(Wales)Regulations 2001
• Social Model of Disability and The Equality Act 2010
In determining whether an applicant is entitled to a concessionary pass, we will also refer to any guidance issued by the Welsh Government or any other relevant organisation.

We may decline your application if, on the evidence you provide, we feel you do not meet the required criteria regarding age, disability or residence.
We will indicate in writing why we have taken our decision and what further evidence we may need in order for you to qualify.

Your first bus pass is free of charge. If your bus pass is lost, stolen, damaged or worn there is a charge of £5 before a new bus pass can be issued.

Your pass will have your photograph on it and must only be used by you.
You will need to show your Concessionary Travel Pass to the driver and present it to the ticket machine when boarding the bus in order to receive free travel.
Your pass must also be shown to an inspector or Council official if requested. Failure to show your pass could result in free travel being refused and the fare for the journey being
When using your pass, all travel is subject to the rules and regulations of the bus company providing the service. The pass does not give you any rights other than those enjoyed by
any fare-paying passenger.
All ticket machines on local bus services in Wales have the facility to indicate if a Concessionary Travel Pass is valid for travel or hot-listed (hot-listed means that the pass may have been cancelled by the Local Authority who issued it).

If your bus pass is lost, stolen, damaged or worn there is a charge of £5 before a new bus pass can be issued.
Please contact us on 01267 234567 to make the payment.
Once a replacement pass is issued, the previous pass is 'hot-listed' and will not be accepted for travel.

  • Unrestricted free travel on participating registered local bus services throughout Wales. (N.B. Only those bus services registered in their entirety as local services with the Traffic Commissioner may participate in the scheme).
  • Carmarthenshire pass holders may also use the Travel Pass to travel at half the usual fare on qualifying Country Cars journeys.
  • You can use your bus pass any time. 
  • Free Taxi journeys
  • Free Ferry services
  • Free Coach excursions or tours
  • Free National Express or Mega Bus services

Holders of Concessionary Travel Passes issued by Welsh local authorities are able to travel free on the Heart of Wales Line during certain periods, please see the Transport of Wales website for up to date information.

There is no expiry date shown on the travel pass. Cards awarded on disability grounds are issued subject to review. The expiry date is linked to the category of disability and the grounds on which it has been awarded. When under review the disabled applicant will be asked to provide continued proof of eligibility.
It is therefore important that you inform us of any change in address or circumstances.

Please notify us of any changes to your contact or personal details or circumstances.
If you wish to change your name on your bus pass you may be asked to provide your Change of Deed Poll letter.
If you are moving away from the County and out of Wales, you should surrender your pass and notify us so that we can remove your details and cancel your card. For deceased card holders please notify us on 01267 234567 or
We can then update our records to prevent unnecessary further contact.
Alternatively please use the Tell Us Once service which allows the informant to notify several organisations at once of a death.

If you move address (within the Carmarthenshire) or change any of your personal details please notify us at or on 01267 234567 so we can update our records. You may be asked to provide proof of your new address within Carmarthenshire.
If you move outside Carmarthenshire to another location in Wales you will need to notify us on or on 01267 234567 so we can remove you from our database and advise you how to transfer your details to your new local authority.

If you are a all Wales concessionary pass holder and you move into Carmarthenshire you will need to notify your previous authority who issued your concessionary pass of your change of address.
You will then need to inform us of your residence within our county by contacting us 01267 234567 or by email on so we can check our database and arrange for your details to be transferred and issue your new travel pass.
Your travel pass may not work during the transfer period once the card has been hotlisted and you may be asked to provide proof of your new address in Carmarthenshire. If you have been awarded a pass on the grounds of disability you will need to provide continued proof of eligibility in your new address in Carmarthenshire before your travel pass can be re-issued.

Bus timetables are available on our website
For impartial timetable and journey planning information about all public transport services – buses and trains throughout Wales, including National Rail and coach timetables – Traveline Cymru: Tel. 0871 200 22 

If you forget your bus pass when you make a journey, you will need to pay the appropriate single or return fare, or buy a day ticket.

  • The pass may no longer be valid and you may be asked to pay the normal bus fare for
    the journey.
  • If you don’t have the fare to pay, you may not be allowed travel
  • You should contact us on the phone number provided as soon as
    possible and, if applicable, arrange for a new pass to be issued.

Only one pass will be valid.
If you have been issued a replacement card please dispose of any previously issued cards. Superseded cards will have a higher digit sequence (this will be the 17th and 18th digit on the front of your bus pass).
Alternatively, contact us on 01267 234567 or by email on for further advice and guidance.

England, Scotland and Northern Ireland passes are not valid for free travel in Wales. There are some minor exceptions for English local authorities on the boarder of Wales where travel into Wales on through journeys is allowed but not solely within Wales. For more information on concessionary travel in other areas of the UK please visit the Welsh Government website or contact us.