Concessionary fares

Page updated on: 28/11/2020

A new-style Concessionary travel pass was launched by Welsh Government in June 2019, to replace the current green 'bus cards' across Wales. The old-style cards will not be recognised by electronic readers on buses after 29 February 2020. If you have one of the old green cards, you’ll need to get a new-style card to continue enjoying concessionary travel benefits, this can be done online providing you have your current bus pass number and national insurance number to hand.

If you’re applying for the first time for a 60+ / disabled person’s travel pass you can apply online - it's quick and easy and should only take 10 minutes. If you need help from another person when travelling you cannot apply for this online, you will need to email us on so that we can assess your application and arrange to add a companion to your travel pass. If you are already registered as requiring a companion you can replace your old-style card on the Transport for Wales website and your new pass will continue to allow you to travel with someone to help you.

Transport for Wales will take around 20 working days to process your application, however it may take up to a month before your new card arrives in the post. You’ll be able to check the status of your application online or contact Transport for Wales. If you’ve received your new style travel pass, you can start using it straight away!

If you have any queries phone Transport for Wales on 0300 303 4240.