Why we consulted

Carmarthenshire’s Modernising Education Programme was approved by the County Council in November 2004 as a strategic investment and rationalisation plan to transform school provision across Carmarthenshire. The aim is to transform the network of nursery, primary and secondary schools serving the county into a strategically and operationally effective resource that meets current and future need for a school based and community focused education. Since its inception, the Modernising Education Programme has drawn widespread recognition for its strategic vision, transformational planning and impressive record of delivery.

In 2010, the County Council resolved that the MEP be reviewed every two years or otherwise as required to ensure consistency with the timeframe of the national 21st Century Schools Programme (Renamed Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme (SCfLP)).

This has been a central feature of the MEP since its inception that it needs to retain flexibility at its core to ensure that the programme remains current and responsive to changes in the education policy framework and the needs of constantly developing society and communities. This is truer than ever in the current climate/post pandemic.

As such, the Local Authority are currently undertaking its review of the MEP, in line with the requirement to submit a strategic outline programme for the new rolling programme to Welsh Government. Consequently, a new MEP Strategy has been developed to direct the future delivery of the new Modernising Education Programme. It is guided by a set of strategic objectives and underpinned by the department’s purpose pieces and educational principles to ensure cohesion with the 8 Education Priorities for 2022-2025 and the Education Sir Gar 2022-2032 strategy. The MEP strategy includes a set of viability and investment criteria to ensure an appropriate and transparent method of developing school organisation and investment proposals.

How we consulted

Via online survey

A Consultation Report summarising the observations submitted by consultees will be prepared and published on Carmarthenshire County Council’s website. The Consultation Report will be presented to Cabinet members for consideration on whether or not to approve the strategy.