Why we consulted

We have consultants AECOM on board to work with us for the Active Travel Scheme’ Tumble Masterplan’ to seek engagement from the public on the walking and cycling network and identify opportunities, constraints and general feedback, to gather local knowledge from the local residents and users of the network to see where/what types of improvements can be made to make current infrastructure support walking and cycling movements better. As a part to this, we want to facilitate and produce some online material as part of the stakeholder engagement stage in the WelTAG process and want to use the Plan Engage website as a platform that includes various topics i.e network map of Tumble, background of project etc for stakeholders and public to be able to submit comments and feedback. We will look to utilise this information to further inform our evidence base for potential interventions that could be considered as we know local knowledge is key to introducing measures/schemes that are of high priority and high impact to the local community.

The feedback from the engagement will be utilised to further inform the development of the schemes/routes that will be outlined and will help us gather more of an evidence base/baseline information on what the local community want to see in the area, highlighting any opportunities and constraints as well as local knowledge to feed into the types of interventions and designs we would look to progress.

Consultation Outcome

On the back of the engagement exercise that took place in October 2023, CCC and consultants AECOM will be holding an information event on Thursday 29th February at Tumble Community Hall between 1pm and 7pm for a drop in style session where we will present what we have completed on the masterplan to date and to share the output of the engagement exercise.

The previous engagement exercise we were seeking feedback on routes identified along the network for potential active travel improvements, as well as a survey issued to help capture any comments from the community to help identify the issues and opportunities on the current walking and cycle network as part of developing the Tumble Masterplan. This session will allow us to inform the community of the ongoing work to date and will also be an opportunity for the public to come and chat to us and ask any questions on the Tumble Masterplan work.

However, if unable to attend, you will be able to access the updated information via the Planengage platform link below to see our progress made to date: