Digital Transformation Strategy 2021 - 2024

Our vision for Carmarthenshire

“A Digitally enabled Carmarthenshire”

To achieve this bold vision we must: 

  • Provide transactional services and information online in a user-friendly and inclusive way.
  • Facilitate and underpin community and business involvement in everything that we do.
  • Change the way traditional face-to-face services are delivered, enabling more effective and efficient services for our residents.
  • Develop and enhance our digital workforce, ensuring agile and mobile working practices using the most appropriate technologies to support service delivery.
  • Work towards ensuring a fast, reliable digital connectivity for all our Citizens and Communities.
  • Support businesses to compete in the digital economy via first class mobile and broadband connectivity.
  • Enhance the use technology to collaborate with partners seamlessly, including effective sharing and use of data.
  • Develop efficient digital services through innovation.
  • Analyse data and business intelligence to ensure evidence based strategic decision making.