How new phosphate targets may impact on your development

Mitigation Measures

Our Mitigation Guidance outlines potential options for phosphate mitigation, and includes Wetlands and Buffer strips. Such measures will need to reflect site-specific circumstances.

Any mitigation measures intended to avoid or mitigate potential phosphorus impacts must demonstrate that they are based on the ‘best available evidence’, will be effective ‘beyond reasonable doubt’, are based on estimates that are ‘precautionary’, and can be secured ‘in perpetuity’ (80-125 years).

The proposed measures must also be legally enforced.

For each measure, we need to receive information:

  • detailing how the measure(s) would avoid or reduce adverse effects on the SAC (considering the predicted duration of the effects);
  • demonstrating how the measure(s) would achieve nutrient neutrality;
  • confirming how the measure(s) will be implemented, and by whom;
  • detailing how the measure will be maintained and who will be responsible for maintenance;
  • showing how the measure will be monitored to ensure it is effective.

Further information on mitigation measures can be found in the latest NRW Phosphate Planning Advice.