Shared Lives

Page updated on: 24/03/2021

Shared Lives, also sometimes known as adult placement, offers a choice to people who need support and/or accommodation. People who receive Shared Lives services have a choice in how, where and with whom they may wish to spend some time or to live.

The Shared Lives Service is a carefully structured service in which carers are selected, trained and thoroughly supported. Being a carer is not only a rewarding job but also a very responsible one. This is why the selection process is so thorough. Prospective carers are visited, interviewed and are expected to attend a training and preparation course.

Part of the assessment process involves taking up of references, Criminal Record Bureau check and a GP reference. Although this is a formal process, it is necessary to safeguard the adults who receive a service. All applicants are informed of decisions regarding their suitability or otherwise.

Carers come from all walks of life. Some are single, some have families, and some don’t, whilst others are retired. We recruit ‘ordinary’ people who have the time, commitment and genuine desire to help someone who needs accommodation, support and/or care.

No special qualifications are required and it is not necessary to have had any particular work experience.

It is necessary to be patient, flexible, consistent, have a stable home situation, and to be enthusiastic to learn. If you have these qualities and the kind of home that would be appropriate to share with another vulnerable adult, then you might well be a suitable carer.

Long term placements
Accommodation with support and/or care is provided to people who need stability and continuity, and whose needs can be met by living as part of a family. Long term placements last for many years, and allow people to enjoy the opportunities and experiences that family or home life can bring.

Short term placements
Accommodation with support and/or care is provided by carers for a specific time. For example, someone may live in a placement for a year to build confidence for more independent living in the future.

Short breaks
Carers provide planned breaks to service users and their families, or other carers. Short breaks can be accessed by service users who want to experience different life styles or who just want a holiday.

Emergency placements
Sometimes a person may require accommodation, support and/or care at short notice, perhaps in the event of illness or family crisis. Emergency placements are usually time limited and quite short.

Sessional and daytime services
Carers provide support and/or care from their own homes during the daytime, at evenings or over the weekend on a sessional basis.

Shared Lives is the provision of accommodation, support and/or care to vulnerable adults from the homes of approved carers.

Approved carers help individuals to settle into daily household life and provide appropriate support for an agreed fee.

Shared Lives in Carmarthenshire and West Wales is about giving people choices and control over their lives and the services they receive.

This means that a person, before coming to stay with a carer, will be asked how they need to be supported and what they need and want to do.

Every placement made is based on agreement between the person receiving the service and the carer. Placements can be long or short; from someone living with a carer permanently to someone just coming to stay for 2 or 3 nights at a time or even for just few hours one or two days a week.

Similarly, the carer is also given a choice about who they support, when and how.