Car sharing

Page updated on: 14/04/2022

Car sharing is when two or more people travel together, thereby reducing cost, congestion and pollution.  Finding a more sustainable way to travel is not only beneficial for the environment, but for your pocket too.

You can car share for any type of journey, at any time of the day - travelling to work, shopping, leisure activities, basically, any journey where there is a potential to share your car with colleagues, friends or family. Car sharing is about planning ahead and making the choice to travel in a more sustainable way.

  • Car sharing saves money - travelling with others will reduce your transport costs.
  • Reduces congestion
  • Reduces pollution

Car sharing is easy. It could be as simple as finding a friend who goes shopping in the same town as you, or finding a colleague who travels to the same place of work.

Another way of finding a car sharing partner is by using the ShareCymru website. The site has been developed in order to help you find a suitable car sharing partner in Wales. All you have to do is register your details on the site, state where you are travelling to and from, whether you are looking for a lift or offering a lift, and then search the site for appropriate car sharing partners.

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