Country Cars

Country Cars is community based car sharing scheme wherein volunteer drivers give lifts to people who would otherwise be unable to make essential journeys.  Country Cars is designed to be a public transport ‘safety net’, providing links to bus and train, or door-to-door transport when needed, for individual and occasional needs.

You can use it provided that your trip is essential and you have no other reasonable means of transport. Country Cars cannot compete with other forms of transport, especially local buses, trains, taxis and transport provided by other bodies such as The Welsh Ambulance Services’ non-emergency Patient Care Service. If you are able or eligible to use these services then you would not be eligible for a Country Car.

If you answer yes to any of the following then you would not be eligible to use Country Cars:

  • Is there any public transport that you could use for all or part of the journey?
  • Do you have access to any private transport? (e.g. car available in the household)
  • Could you change the time of the trip in order to use some other transport? e.g. public transport
  • Could you use the ambulance car service?
  • Are you a client of Carmarthenshire’s Social Services Department and going to a Day Centre?
  • Could you reasonably hire a taxi for the journey?
  • Could you reasonably avoid making the journey?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for Country Cars please contact  RVS Carmarthenshire Hub Office on 01269 843819.

Page updated on: 16/03/2018