Public weighbridges

Page updated on: 05/06/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Many bus services are now operating a reduced service. We advise you to check your journey in advance with Traveline.

Face coverings are compulsory for everyone travelling on public transport in Wales. Face coverings should be worn for the duration of the journey on public transport. This means they must be worn from when you get on the vehicle and they must stay in place until you get off.

Bwcabus fixed route services have been temporarily suspended. Bwcabus will continue to operate a pre-booked service only.

We are not running any road safety courses until further notice.

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Find your nearest weighbridge if you need to weigh your van, lorry, trailer, tractor or other vehicle.

We are not responsible for the following weighbridges, they are operated by private businesses. You should contact the weighbridge operator before going to check how much it costs to use. You should also tell the operator if you have a very large vehicle, to make sure it will fit on the weighbridge.