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Page updated on: 29/12/2023

National Rail

The National Rail website is provided independently on behalf of all train operating companies and offers a national rail journey planner; 'Live Departure Boards', which allows you to view station departure boards for all mainland National Rail stations; information on service alterations; a Train Company Directory; special offers and other useful train information.

Transport for Wales

The Transport for Wales website is packed with information, advice and travel tips to help you get the best out of your journey. You will find the website full of information about tickets and timetables, together with a host of tips and suggestions to make travelling enjoyable. The site offers information on travelling with Transport for Wales as well as timetable information and a facility to buy tickets online.

First Great Western

First Great Western provides intercity services running from Swansea to Carmarthen and Fishguard.

The Heart of Wales Line

Use this site to discover the magic of the Heart of Wales. Find out about the Heart of Wales Line and how you can hop aboard the little train and relax as it takes you on a railway journey though a land of lush rolling hills and crystal clear mountain streams.  The site offers information about the line, and accommodation search facility, a 'guided tour' of the line and much more.

The Heart Of Wales Line Travellers' Association

Formed in 1981, this support group to The Heart of Wales Line is an organisation to try to foster more traffic on the line and to act as co-ordinating voice for all those anxious to see this very valuable social route retained.  The association, which has members all over Britain and beyond, publicises the line through leaflets and advertising, sells promotional goods and encourages and organises activities likely to attract people to the line.  The site offers information about the line, the Association, guided walks, places to visit and details about how to become a member.

Explore Wales Pass

One ticket, unlimited mileage. The Explore Wales Pass is a must-have travel bargain, giving you unlimited access (after 9am on weekdays) to all of Wales's mainline train services and almost every bus service. That's not all - you'll also receive an amazing range of other benefits, including 'two for one' entry or discounted admission to many of Wales's biggest tourist attractions. Ticket options include all-Wales and regional passes varying in length from four to eight days. Tickets can be purchased at most staffed railway stations and National Rail Appointed Travel Agents throughout Britain or calling 0870 9000 773. Tickets are not available online.

Cymru Connect

This is another way of combining rail and bus travel through one single transaction. Cymru Connect is a Welsh Assembly Government funded scheme allowing you to travel to anywhere in Wales on one through rail ticket, using a combination of rail and bus services. Go Cymru Connect if you need to get somewhere that's not on the rail network, or want to make a shorter journey by combining rail and bus travel rather than making a lengthy cross-country rail journey. It's cost effective too. Tickets are available from UK rail stations. 

Network Rail

Network Rail is an engineering company formed to revitalise Britain's railways. They maintain, improve and upgrade every aspect of the railway infrastructure, including:  the track, signalling systems, tunnels, level crossings, stations, etc.  They do not provide train services, but their main customers are the train and freight operating companies who do.  Their website offers information on the company, engineering and projects, managing the infrastructure, corporate responsibility and so on.

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