Tyisha is changing - Looking for a development partner

6. A design concept – an exciting potential

The Community have indicated that a potential solution may involve a “boulevard” from the railway station into the town with new housing, green space and tree planting lining the route.

We have done some thinking on what the area could look like.

This is not set in stone as we would expect a development partner to bring forward their own design principles and concepts. However, whatever is delivered would require the ascendance of the local community. This must focus on a clean and green environment with high quality communal interactive areas and a modern street feel.

We are inviting partners to express their interest by telling us how they could design the key sites, how they will fund the developments and any risks and barriers they would need to consider. We will also want to know how they will encompass the community aspirations and create longevity in the overall project.

A site briefing event for all interested parties will be held on 31st July 2023.