Tyisha is changing - Looking for a development partner

3. Transforming Tyisha

We are not shying away from the problems and challenges the area faces. Tyisha has strong community but has suffered more than most from post-industrial decline. The area has social, economic and physical challenges that we are committed to addressing.

The Tyisha ward has the highest population density in Carmarthenshire, with 6,586 people per square kilometre. The largest section of the community is age 45-64, while 34% of the 16-74 community have no qualifications and 27% have a limiting long-term illness.

In terms of the housing, 63% is terraced, while 25% are flats. Just over 37% of the community rent their home.

The average household income is £17,981, which is the lowest in Carmarthenshire and 42% below the county average. Unemployment is twice the rate when compared to elsewhere in the county.

Tyisha 2 (the area around Ann Street) is the most deprived area in the county and 55th overall in Wales.

In the summer of 2018, we initiated a ‘Planning for Real’ exercise where we heard the views of local residents and businesses which helped us to identify the key issues facing Tyisha.

The community told us that they wanted action in these areas:

  • Community safety
  • The environment
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Housing
  • Traffic and transport
  • Community facilities
  • Health and well-being
  • Work, training, skills and education

We have listened and we are committed to working with the community to transform Tyisha. Work is well underway, through a Community Steering Group (a multi-agency partnership between the Council, the community and other key stakeholders), with a number of projects in progress which will help to make a difference in the community.

The aim is to deliver first class local services as well as to oversee the delivery of new homes set in a better, cleaner, and greener environment. We also want to develop new community facilities. These improvements will help the social and economic status of the area and provide opportunities for education, training and employment.

The ‘Planning for Real’ exercise identified the need for additional community facilities. This includes delivering local services to support the most vulnerable and will help in securing the future of the area. These include early years, family, youth, employment support and health.

We have made a start on our plans to Transform Tyisha by working together to:

  • Tackle drug taking and dealing with anti-social behaviour by working in collaboration to deliver a new local policing action plan.
  • Improve the environment including addressing the issues of waste, fly-tipping and improving traffic flow and cycle routes.
  • Improve the management and standards of private rented accommodation and tackle empty/derelict properties
  • Create more community facilities and opportunities for education, training and employment.
  • Create a strong engagement programme that has provided financial investment to local community groups and events.