Parc Howard Museum
Felinfoel Road, Llanelli, SA15 3LJ

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The location includes some brick shed style buildings behind the Museum. The Museum itself is situated within the centre of a public park that includes a duck pond, beautiful flower beds, a swimming pool and tennis courts.

Ground Floor

Parc Howard Museum contains several historic features, particularly on the ground floor, which hosts two large galleries and a large former entrance hall. One gallery is filled with paintings and apportioned with decorative plaster mouldings around the cornices and chandeliers offering a sense of grandeur. The other gallery is similarly decorated and contains a new exhibition of Llanelly Pottery. Each space also contains lovely Doulton Lambeth fireplaces.

The former entrance hall features a large wooden staircase up to the first floor and offers a spectacular first impression of the interior of the building.

First Floor

The first floor includes two more large galleries and a small temporary exhibition space. By Easter 2024, the galleries will be fitted out with new exhibitions examining the Llanelli story and looking at the importance of play, which will feature several hands-on exhibits for families.

Victorian Italianate style mansion house that was converted into a Museum from 1912.

Parc Howard Museum is set in a delightful park. There is a pond to the south of the lawn, and a sunken garden to its west. To the west of the house are the bowling greens and tennis courts, with an adjacent children's play area.

Parking: No visitor parking. Special arrangements may be made for film crews, depending upon numbers, as space is limited.

Catering: Yes, there is potential for spaces to be utilised for catering meals, but restrictions on food and drink within certain areas of the Museum would apply.

Filming restrictions: Filming could potentially be undertaken on any days of the week if given enough notice. Filming need not be restricted to days when the property is open or closed.

However, if filming were required on days when the property would usually be open to the public, the Museum may need to close for the convenience of the film crew. The property would therefore need to be compensated for any potential loss of earnings and additional staff time required to monitor/safeguard collections or be points of contact for the filming team.

Mitigations may need to be put in place to safeguard collection objects. Some collection objects, such as paintings, may be light sensitive and need to be taken off display or covered. Other objects may need to be moved to avoid damage/dust.

Food and drink would normally be limited to a small number of rooms within the property to avoid harm to collections.

There is ordinarily no visitor parking onsite. However, special arrangements could be made for film crews, although space is limited.

Drone restrictions: Uncertain



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