Business Renewable Energy Fund

10. Post completion - terms and conditions

It should be noted that the Carmarthenshire Business Renewable Energy Fund is a discretionary grant and is subject to approval by Carmarthenshire County Council.

The grant will be recovered should the business cease to trade, relocate or the property sold on within 5 years of award.

For properties constructed or improved as part of a grant scheme administered by CCC, the Authority will seek to register an interest in the grant-aided property with the Land Registry by either a Restriction or a Legal Charge as follows:
▪ Restrictions to be placed with Land Registry for projects or schemes receiving grants directly from or via the authority of £25,000 & below for the period relevant to the funding programme under which the grant is being paid.
This process will alert the authority to any change in the ownership of the property and of any potential consequence on the terms and conditions on which the grant was awarded. The grant recipient will be responsible for pursuing the removal of any Restriction or Legal Charge and any costs associated with the process, at the end of the period.

It is strongly recommended that goods purchased in relation to the grant are purchased using the business bank account.

Grants are paid retrospectively, therefore should the application be successful, the grant money is paid direct into the bank account of the applicant business. This is based on receipt or evidence of purchase and defrayment i.e., original or on-line printed bank statements and original invoices to confirm expenditure.

The applicant must accept the terms and conditions of the grant by completing the Notification of Approval and Terms & Conditions within 30 days from receipt. All expenditure associated to the grant must be completed and claimed by 30th November 2024.

Monitoring of the business and funding outputs will take place following final payment of the grant and evidence of the outputs will be required by 30th November 2024. Failure to achieve the committed outputs could result in the claw back of grant funds.

Outputs for the scheme you may be asked to contribute to include;

Output Outcome
Number of businesses receiving financial support Jobs created
Number of businesses receiving non-financial support Jobs safeguarded
Number of businesses receiving grants Number of new businesses created
Number of low or zero carbon energy infrastructure installed Number of premises with improved digital connectivity
Amount of low or zero carbon energy installed Number of businesses adopting new to the firm technologies or processes
Number of decarbonisation plans developed Greenhouse gas reductions in emissions (tonnes)


For all grant purposes monitoring of the claim and evidence will take place with prior notice at 1, 3 and 5 years from the date of award of the grant.

Should the project not proceed within the period stipulated in the offer of grant, the offer of grant will automatically lapse. Any variation to the Terms & Conditions set out in the Approval Letter must be requested and agreed.

Cash purchases will not be considered for grant payment.

Items purchased through lease purchase, hire purchase, extended credit agreements/finance leases will not be considered for grant funding.

Items purchased with credit cards are eligible. The credit card must belong to the business applying and applicants will need to provide a copy of the credit card statement as part of the claims process.

Grant may not be offered or paid if the business or applicant is in arrears with any payment to any of the participating local authorities operating the scheme.

Businesses can submit more than one application to the Carmarthenshire Business Renewable Energy Fund but the maximum total amount of grant permitted per business is £25,000.

The Carmarthenshire Business Renewable Energy Fund team reserves the right to publicise any grant support.