Research and development grant

4. What you can use the grant for

The grant will apply to capital and/or revenue expenditure within an approved project and can include:

  • Capital or specialist revenue costs associated to developing and testing new products and / services, including prototyping, design, manufacture, monitoring, evaluation, etc.
  • Costs associated to market research and development / market analysis / mapping and scoping / competitor analysis, etc.
  • Costs associated to feasibility and/or viability studies and reports for development of products, processes and/or services.
  • Costs associated to patenting, inc drafting and filing
  • Costs associated with commercialisation of the product, process and/or service including marketing and promotion

** all marketing and promotional material must be produced bilingually.

  • Specialist / technical training (not necessarily accredited)
  • Specialist Software
  • Quality Assurance Certification (assessed on a case-by-case basis)