What licences do you need to trade outdoors?

Page updated on: 31/03/2024

Many businesses are looking at how to make use of the space outside their premises in order to meet the new social distancing guidelines. Cafés, restaurants and pubs are facing as much as a 30% reduction in capacity and being able to use outdoor space can make a real difference in the viability of them re-opening.

Retail shops are exploring ways to manage queues for their customers by cordoning off areas and providing chairs for customers to use while they wait. Local businesses are really embracing the challenges they are facing and doing everything they can to adapt to meet these new measures and continue trading.

As a Local Authority we want to do all we can to support you. However, we also have a duty to ensure that trading outdoors is done safely, legally and doesn't affect neighbouring businesses/residents or cause issues for pedestrians or road users. Depending on what you'd like to do you may need a street café licence, street trading licence, premises licence or an amendment to your existing licence and/or food registration.

In order to assist businesses during these difficult times we are streamlining the application process. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Business details – name, address, type of business
  • Detailed plans showing the exact location of where you intend to trade outdoors
  • Number of tables and chairs
  • Dimensions of the area to be cordoned off.
  • Footpath width that would remain after furniture is added
  • If you will be serving food or alcohol
  • What licences you hold already if any

Your request to trade outdoors will be reviewed, and we will send you all the relevant forms and aim to get your application processed as quickly as possible.

Street café licence fee is £34.00 per chair.

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