Why we consulted

Section 10.7 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 requires all Local Authorities to publish their local flood risk management strategy and flood risk management plans.

The strategy, supported by a more tactical plan, will clarify where we are now in terms of flood risk management, where we want to be in 2030, and how we will get there.

This consultation will help identify local knowledge about flood-prone areas, historical flooding events, and community-specific vulnerabilities.

Local residents and stakeholders often possess unique insights about their locality that can contribute to the development of an effective flood strategy.

We are asking the public to help shape the flood management policies and strategies.

This consultation will allow the public to understand the rationale behind proposed measures, the potential impacts, and the overall strategy.

It will enable the dissemination of information regarding flood protection measures, early warning systems, emergency response plans, and evacuation procedures.

By increasing public awareness, communities become better prepared and more resilient to floods.