Cabinet Vision Statement 2022 - 2027 (July 2022)

Rural Affairs

  • Maximise the potential positive contribution to the economic, social, cultural, and environmental sustainability of the local community through our rural portfolio ownership and working with key stakeholders.
  • Further build on our relationship with the Wales Federation of Young Farmers Clubs(YFC), an invaluable organisation in rural areas.
  • Work in schools to educate learners about food production and how to cook healthy meals using local produce.
  • Consider ways of simplifying the process of converting redundant farm buildings into homes or workshops for local people.
  • Help local village halls to expand on their services, such as a community café, for economic benefit, access to services, to combat rural loneliness and increase resilience.
  • Following withdrawal of Welsh Government funding, explore all possible funding options to support a programme of improving the condition of rural roads.
  • Continue to build on Carmarthenshire’s status as a sustainable food place and in collaboration with other partners, develop a community food strategy to encourage the production and supply of locally sourced food in Wales.