Transformation Strategy 2022 - 2027

Our Transformation Priorities

It is proposed that the Programme will focus on supporting the delivery of the following thematic priorities:



Efficiencies and Value for Money

 To continue to deliver financial savings through efficiencies or cost reductions and smarter ways of working.

Income & Commercialisation

 To develop a more commercial approach to the delivery of Council services with a view to increasing the level of income generated.


 To exploit the opportunities presented by a move to hybrid working and to further rationalise the Council’s accommodation portfolio and modernise and improve the working environment within the remaining core buildings.


 To oversee the development of a Workforce Strategy and delivery of key workforce priorities to enable the Council to become a more modern and responsive organisation and an ‘Employer of Choice’.

Service Design & Improvement

 To provide for a more sustainable and creative approach to the review, remodelling and improvement of Council services.

Customers & Digital Transformation

 To continue to make better use of technology to deliver smarter, efficient service processes and to deliver a better experience for customers.

Decarbonisation and Biodiversity

 To support the Council in delivering transformational change in support of key decarbonisation objectives and targets.


 To assist schools in identifying cost reductions and better ways of working, and support the development of more sustainable school budgets and help protect front line academic provision.


Cross-cutting priorities

Each of the workstreams will also be asked to consider the following key cross-cutting themes as part of their work:



 How does what we are aiming to achieve meet the needs of our customers?

Making Better Use of Resources

 Will it deliver a better, more efficient way of working which could result in cost reductions, financial efficiencies or doing more for the same level of inputs?

Future Generation and Well-being

 How does it support the 5 Ways of Working that underpin the Act?

  1. Long-term
  2. Integrated
  3. Involving
  4. Collaboration
  5. Prevention


 How does this work help the Council’s NZC objectives?


 Ensure that all decisions are based on appropriate data and evidence?