Waste Statement for Carmarthenshire


We actively engage with residents, local members, CWM Environmental Ltd, and various other stakeholders, to ensure we provide the best possible service within the resource and timeframes available. A public consultation survey was carried out in June 2021 on future waste changes. The opinions captured were provided to Councillors to guide them in their decision making on the future of waste collections.

We hold local member briefings on all waste related changes and our waste/ recycling webpages have been developed to provide advice, guidance and explanations on services offered. We work closely with our customer services and marketing and media team, to ensure this information is up to date and relevant to our customers.

We respond and act on feedback and questions received via, telephone, email, social media and ‘Ask a question’ platforms available to the public. This input from the public is crucial for us to provide the correct level of information to support residents to recycle as much of their waste as possible. A comprehensive A-Z of recycling has been developed for ease of reference.