Broadband suppliers

Page updated on: 12/04/2024

There are five suppliers actively building infrastructure in Carmarthenshire. Our teams work closely with them to support wherever possible with both their commercial rollout and any community voucher schemes they are delivering.

As better connectivity has become an essential requirement for almost every home and business, the market is opening up and there are now more and more options available to consumers, making it more competitive. These newer suppliers have been nicknamed ‘Altnets’ shortened from ‘Alternative Networks’. These companies are smaller in size and tend to work more regionally, so they can often be lesser known. Altnets can be an important factor to providing connectivity in rural areas, but you’re just as likely to find altnets popping up in towns and cities too.

Some altnets have not yet opened their network to other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) which means they are responsible for building the network and the only option available for your internet service.

We have listed all of the suppliers that we are working with across Carmarthenshire, you will find details about the packages they offer on their websites.