Page updated on: 17/09/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As of the 14th August 2020, community centres / village halls have been able to open for some permitted activities. Visit our Newsroom for further information and examples of activities permitted under the regulations.

Please continue to visit our Newsroom for the latest information. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Everything we do, as individuals or as part of our community or workplace, has an impact on the world around us. The choices we make in our everyday lives all have implications for our quality of life. These include what we buy, how we travel, the food we eat, our use of energy and water. If everyone in the world lived a lifestyle like the average Welsh person we would need 3 planet Earths to support us.

We need to consider ways we can reduce our impact on the planet. The responsibility for changing to a more sustainable lifestyle rests with every one of us. You can make a real difference to your community, organisation and environment by making more sustainable decisions and taking action in key areas.