Education Sir Gâr 2022-2032

Link to well-being objectives

Our strategic priorities will help address Carmarthenshire County Council’s well-being objectives incorporated within the corporate strategy 2018-2023 namely:

  • Best start in life - Help to give every child the best start in life and improve their early life experiences.
  • Help children live healthy lifestyles - A healthy lifestyle will help children to fulfil their potential and meet educational aspirations.
  • Support and improve progress, achievement, and outcomes - Support and improve progress, achievement, and outcomes for all learners.
  • Tackle poverty - Tackle poverty by doing all we can to prevent it, helping people into work and improving the lives of those living in poverty.
  • Environment - Looking after the environment now and for the future.
  • Promoting Welsh language and culture - Promote the vitality of the Welsh language together with the richness of Welsh culture and history within Carmarthenshire.