Welsh and English language skills

Page updated on: 05/04/2023

Carmarthenshire has the largest number of Welsh speakers in Wales. Our bilingual population is a unique and valuable asset. As a bilingual organisation operating through the medium of Welsh and English, Carmarthenshire County Council have a statutory obligation to provide Welsh medium services, but we are also passionate about promoting the Welsh language and ensuring that all our staff have the opportunity to learn and use the Welsh language in every aspect of the workplace to deliver a better service to the people of Carmarthenshire in their chosen language.

We are determined to ensure that Welsh remains a living language in Carmarthenshire therefore all our staff need Welsh and English language skills between level 1 and level 5, depending on the nature of their role.

If you do not meet the Welsh language level needed for your role, we will fund and support your Welsh language development up to the level you need during working hours. You will be given a Language Learning Agreement, which will guide and support you to work towards this level within an agreed timeframe.

There are various pathways you can choose to help you reach the level needed for your role, you can discuss and agree with your line manager which pathway is right for you. We also have a mentoring scheme, and short courses that are suitable for those that might understand Welsh but lack confidence to answer and just a need a little more confidence to use the language. Whichever level you are on, we will support you every step of the way to ensure that you are able to use Welsh confidently in all aspects of the working life.

Why not start or have a refresh? …

It is possible to reach level 1 Welsh before starting at Carmarthenshire County Council by completing a free short course by the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Welcome Welsh part 1 and Welcome Welsh part 2.

Following this course, you will receive a certificate to show that you have completed this course.

This is also, a great course if you would like to refresh your Welsh language skills.

Go on give it go…


Carmarthenshire County Council Staff Learning Journeys:


Increase confidence course

“The Welsh Confidence course was great as it helped develop my confidence in speaking Welsh and it has proven beneficial to my work. The course helped me practice my Welsh in a relaxed environment for 2 hours per week which I felt to be the right amount of learning time. It was held virtually which was very convenient. I now feel more confident to speak Welsh with my colleagues and to use the language in my workplace.”


1-week Use Work Welsh course:

“The course has given me more confidence in the office and out of work. This course will help me to use Welsh language more confidently with both staff and clients in the good working in the community and in the hospital”

“This course gives you lots of confidence to use Welsh in your work place”


Learning Welsh Course:

“Since starting my employment in June 2019, I was encouraged and supported to learn Welsh by following a weekly course. To my ability I have tried using the Welsh I have learned in conversation with the groups I work with in the community. My efforts are well received and I'm always encouraged to practice new phrases with people in the community and colleagues. I have been partnered with a colleague as my Welsh Mentor to practice conversational Welsh.”