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Page updated on: 03/10/2023

Our Building

The new Carmarthenshire Archives facility has been designed to meet Passivhaus standards.

Passivhaus is a rigorous European specification that works by insulating the building to the most effective levels. Passivhaus buildings ensure a high level of energy efficiency that exceeds government regulations. This unique approach enables us to maintain the appropriate environmental conditions in our strongrooms across the year with reduced energy costs. The stable environment of the new Passivhaus facility will ensure that our collection will be kept safe for future generations.

The new archive building was completed in the summer of 2020 and provides:

  • Storage for Carmarthenshire’s records in environmentally sound and future-proof accommodation where it is protected from all potential risks of damage or loss.
  • A spacious public search room which provides comfortable and secure access to the collection on demand.
  • A modern archival work room with associated office spaces which are both attractive and comfortable
  • A fully equipped document reception area accompanied by the necessary processing spaces.


Our policies describe how we manage our archive collections, our organisational responsibilities, and our commitment to our users and stakeholders.

Access policyHow we provide access to our archive collections.

Collections care and conservation policyAbout our approach to caring for and conserving our archives and the principles guiding the activities necessary for long-term preservation and security.

Collection development policyAbout the records we collect and the conditions for their acceptance.

Collection information policy: How information about the collection is made available.

Copyright guidelines: About copyright infringement and how can it be prevented.

Digital photography policyAbout the use of digital cameras in the search room.

Good handling guidelines: How to care for our archives.

Photocopying policy: How to photocopy our archives.

Reproduction policyAbout the principles guiding permission to copy and permission to publish archives in our collections.

Volunteering policyHow we work with volunteers and work placements.