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Page updated on: 29/11/2022

Research Service 

If you are unable to visit us in person and need assistance in searching our records, why not use our Research Service to undertake this work on your behalf?

This service is free for the first 15 minutes. For longer or more complicated searches we charge £37.50 per hour including VAT (1 hour minimum per request).  This charge does not include copies and postage.

For information on paying for this service, please see our list of Fees and Charges.

A Research Request form is available to download here.

Alternatively, you can write or email us with your enquiry.

Please include as much detail as possible about your subject, e.g. names, dates, parishes in the case of family history; plans or maps in the case of the history of a property.

We will respond to your enquiry by email whenever possible, and provide a copy of any information we find as an email attachment.

Scanning and copying of photographs and documents

We can supply scanned images and photocopies where copyright and the condition of the item make this possible. All copies are for private study only. For more information, please see our copying policy.

If copies are required for an exhibition, reproduction, publication or for a web-site then prior permission of the document and copyright owners will be required. Staff will advise in each case. To ask permission, please contact us. If permission is given, it will be on condition that appropriate acknowledgement is made.

Copying orders are priced according to the amount of staff time they take to carry out. For current fees and charges please see our list of Fees and Charges.

An order form is available to download here.

For a quote for copying, please contact us.